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The Speaker of parliament’s letter to the president of the IPU

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On the 18th of April 2012, the speaker of parliament wrote a letter to president of the IPU twelve plus group, Mr Robert Denis del Picchia – this was in response to a letter written by the IPU twelve + group which showed their collective concern that the bill had been re-introduced to parliament by mp David Bahati.
The letter to the speaker of parliament intended to do the following;
*express their concern about how the bill would negatively affect the Ugandan approach to human rights in a democracy like ours.
*note that bahati’s bill is based on laws passed by Britain in colonial times and emphasize that sexual acts between two adult males in private were legalized in England 45 years ago
*they also wrote that it is untrue to suggest that those opposed to the bill want to promote homosexuality,and they defend rights of all societies so long as the exercise of those rights neither prosecutes nor harms any section of the community.
*they also urged her to do everything in her power to prevent this private member’s bill from making progress in parliament. we can however note from the speakers response as you will observe that she makes no clear political position of her own as a member of parliament, she hides under the speaker umbrella of ‘non-partisan opinion and doesn’t address the IPU president’s concerns like she should. Shocking remarks from her indeed,which seem to suggest subtly that this Bill will actually be passed.

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