Uganda’s ANTI-HOMOSEXUALITY BILL; The Great Divide. Third Edition, May 2013

This booklet contains media coverage around the Anti-Homosexuality Bill 2009 from the year 2010 to 2013. The book aims at documenting and analysing the trends of reporting on the Anti-Homosexuality Bill and LGBTI issues in general.

Homophobia, and Transphobia in the Media

A press release from one of our member organisations, Sexual Minorities Uganda (SMUG) whom we have joined in solidarity to celebrate this day.

Today, 17th May 2013. The Coalition joins its partners and networks to mark the international Day against homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT).  On this day, 23 years ago, the General Assembly of the World Health Organisation removed homosexuality from their list of mental disorders.  This action served to end more than a century of medical homophobia. The decision of the WHO constitutes a historic date for members of the LGBT community.

We urge all Ugandans to respect and uphold human rights for all Ugandans: A press statement issued on the World Human Rights Day – 2012

The Anti-Homosexuality Bill is back in Parliament, despite three years of domestic and international outcry. If passed, it is the Bill which would entrench a complete disregard and disrespect for the principle of Human Rights for all Ugandans…..

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